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Summer Driving Dislikes

For the last few weeks we’ve been spoilt with the glorious sunshine. Those lovely trips to the beach, shopping centres, days outs with family and friends – but, as the temperature rise we decided to ask the general public, their summer driving dislikes.

 1. Being stuck behind a caravan or tractor

Being stuck behind a caravan or tractor is the thing motorists find most annoying about summer driving. The eagerness and excitement of getting to your destination can be hindered if you are behind a slow moving vehicle such as a tractor or caravan. Bank holiday tailbacks come a close second (42%).

2.  Boy racers pumping out loud music

With the latest summer anthems out, boy racers blaring loud music out of open windows is the second most disliked summer driving habit, with 32% agreeing this

3. Lack of air-conditioning

As the summer temperatures continue to soar, tempers may also reach fever pitch on UK roads, 22% said lack of or no air-conditioning is a major dislike. Remember to check your air filters regularly to make sure they’re not blocked.

 4. Hot steering wheel / hot or sticky leather seats

28% said their patience is tested with hot steering wheels – avoid being hit by the heat when you sit in a car by placing a sun visor when not driving.

5. Children complaining on long journeys

Unsurprisingly, as they are often the main carer, women find it stressful when children complain on long journeys (20%), in contrast to just 6% of men.

6. Driving in flip flops

11% dislike people driving in flip flops – the truth is driving in flip flops can be dangerous as the rubber sole can get stuck under the pedals. Keep an extra pair of ‘driving’ shoes in the car if you need to.

 7. Sunburn on one arm

The one arm sun tan is never a good look – but sometimes it can’t be helped. We suggested you lotion up your exposed arm with sun cream.

8. Forgetting sunglasses on a sunny day

This can be a nightmare, the sun in your eyes can leave you squinting which can be dangerous, we suggest you keep a set of sunglasses in your car.

Overall, results show that women are more likely to get annoyed by these little things, than men, with 28 of female drivers irritated by driving with no air-conditioning, compared to 18% of men. Whilst 50% of women also hate hot seats and steering wheels, men don’t seem to mind as much.

Looking at the generation gap, it might be surprising to see that drivers over 60 are more likely to get annoyed by caravans and tractors, boy racers and tailbacks compared to the 18-29 year olds.  The younger drivers, whilst also equally irritated by caravans and tractors, get hot under the collar about the lack of air conditioning and steering wheels and seats burning them.

Tell us what you dislike about driving in the summer.

Happy driving!