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The 10 strangest motoring stories of 2015

motor stories

The 10 strangest motoring stories of 2015

People are strange, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the wonderful world of motoring, where people do some truly bizarre things. To prove it, we’ve had a look at some of the weird and wonderful pursuits that people have got up to in 2015. Scrapheap challenge At the start of the year a … Continued

HPIs expert advice on keeping your car safe

How to keep your car safe in the winter

The Christmas period is a great time to visit different cities and explore the German markets. However as the festive season embarks on the ‘Good-will-to all-men’ mantra, we all still need to be aware of thieves. We’ve put together tips on how to keep your car safe this winter. Don’t leave things on show Whether … Continued

HPI Advise users to avoid drink drivers

Avoid drink driving this Christmas

  If you’re old enough to drive you’ll have got used to being bombarded with anti-drink driving campaigns over the years. Every Christmas a series of adverts is aired in which you’re told that if you get caught drink driving your world will fall apart. Don’t get caught and the consequences could be much worse; … Continued

Top ten car accessories chosen by HPI

Top 10 car accessories

We love our cars and we also love to personalise them, whether that’s to make them more distinctive, safer or more comfortable. So if you’re putting together your Christmas list, these are the top 10 car accessories that should be on it. Sat-nav When sat-navs came out they allowed to navigate from one place to … Continued


The complete winter driving guide

As temperatures drop your car has a harder time than ever – and so do you. So give yourself a fighting chance of getting through this winter, by making sure you and your car are fully prepared. Getting your car ready for winter By preparing your car for sub-zero conditions you’ll make your life a … Continued