Use our car running costs calculator to find the cheapest car to run

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What does TCO mean?

The term TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership - the total cost of owning a car.

There are many costs associated with owning a car, and many are often overlooked. It’s important to understand and consider all costs, before you commit to buying a car.

Our TCO calculator takes all costs into account and tells you how much you can expect to shell out over the next 3 years of ownership. This invaluable tool also breaks down what the costs are for and when you need to pay.

What car running costs do we calculate?

Use the TCO tool to calculate ownership costs and see if the car makes economic sense:

  • What cars hold their value well?
  • Which car is cheapest to run?
  • Which car has the most economical fuel costs?
  • What car has the lowest cost for service and maintenance?

Get a break down of the following costs in a foolproof, easy to understand table:

  • Depreciation (loss in value)
  • Service and maintenance costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Road Tax
  • Tyre replacement
  • Brake pad replacement