To ensure our customers receive the service that they have come to expect from HPI it is imperative that we protect our brand and the values that it represents.

HPI trademark

The terms 'HPI' and 'HPI Check' and the HPI logo are all registered trademarks.

The term 'HPI' is registered under trademark number 2274088, the HPI logo is registered under trademark number 2287537, and the term 'HPI Check' is registered under trademark number 2387858. In addition, HPI is also a registered in the EU under trademark reference 08597767 and the HPI logo has an EU trademark, reference 08597734.

UK and EU trademark law prevents unauthorised use of trademarks to promote other services. If you see unauthorised use of the HPI name or logo, please let us know, by emailing the details to us at

NMR trademark

The National Mileage Register, NMR and the NMR logo are also registered trademarks of HPI Limited and as such should only be used in conjunction with vehicles that have been checked against the NMR database. If you notice anyone using the NMR logo or name and believe they are misusing it, please let us know by emailing us at