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Checking a car’s history with an online vehicle check is probably the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from car scams and motor fraud. The HPI Vehicle Check will provide you with the facts and allow you to buy your next used car with confidence, knowing all the important stuff has been checked.

How important is a Vehicle History Check?

A vehicle check report from HPI® with take you through all the important data points to consider before you buy a second-hand car.

Our vehicle check looks at millions of records, from multiple sources to ensure the vehicle you’re looking at doesn’t have adverse data held against it.

The vehicle check includes:

  • A check against the Police National Computer to ensure it’s not recorded as stolen
  • A write-off check to see if the vehicle has been involved in a serious accident and recorded as a total loss by an insurance company.
  • Checking the vehicle doesn’t have a mileage discrepancy recorded on the National Mileage Register
  • A vehicle finance check to make sure the vehicle is checked for any outstanding debt or finance agreements that could be secured on it
  • A logbook check for the number of previous owners recorded by the DVLA
  • A vehicle check to see if it’s been imported, exported or recorded as scrapped
  • A vehicle valuation with 4 market values, past and future values
  • A vehicle MOT check including past test results and advisory notes, current status and recorded mileages
  • A vehicle VIN/Chassis match to check the vehicle isn’t stolen
  • And much more…

How the Vehicle Check works

All we need to get started is the vehicle’s registration number. We cross reference this against many reliable databases, including but not limited to those held with the police, insurers, banks & finance companies and the DVLA.

Managing vehicle check data is our thing, it’s what we do all day, every day. To stay ahead of the game, we use state of the art technology and processes to make sure the information we provide is as accurate and up to date as possible.

The vehicle check report gives a clear summary highlighting any issues you should be aware of, along with a more detailed explanation of the information you’re looking at in the respective sections.

The HPI Vehicle Check has been protecting motorists for 80 years and is still thriving. All aspects of our extensive experience and expertise are fed into a vehicle check that relied upon by millions of motorists across the UK.

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