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The information supplied in an MOT Check report is vital if you’re considering buying a vehicle.
The more you know about a used car’s history the less stressful the experience will be.

Our MOT History report will provide you with:

  • MOT test date
  • Recorded mileage
  • Previous MOT test results
  • Current MOT status
  • MOT due date
  • Refusal notes
  • Advisory notes
  • Current road tax status
  • Road tax renewal date

Our MOT History Check sources information directly from the DVLA database for any car registered in the UK that has had an MOT test since 2005.

A healthy MOT history can suggest a car has been well looked after by its previous owners. A car with a history of MOT test fails and lots of advisory notes could point to a higher risk of mechanical issues and financial outlay in the future.

Our MOT history check is a free to use with optional MOT and road tax renewal reminders.

MOT History Check

It is a legal requirement for a vehicle to have a valid a MOT certificate, yet it is one that is often ignored by some drivers on the road in the UK.
A vehicle MOT check ensures a car is roadworthy – as a result, any car that does not pass its MOT may need expensive repairs. A car without an MOT cannot be taxed by the owner.

It’s extremely important to conduct an MOT history check before purchasing a used vehicle as it can be used as an indication the overall condition of the car. A car without a valid MOT certificate should not be considered roadworthy and may be dangerous to drive. A car that has undergone regular MOT checks, is a good example of a car that’s been properly maintained by its previous owner(s).

Why Check Your Car’s MOT History?

Some of the checks involved in an MOT test include:

  • Examination of the steering, suspension, brakes and battery
  • Ensuring fully-working lights
  • Any signs of damage or corrosion on the car’s exterior body
  • Legal tyre tread
  • Wheels in good condition
  • No cracks or chips on the windscreen

An MOT car check will reveal a vehicle’s mileage at the time of the test, which parts may have failed each test and if any parts have had minor problems.

So how can you check the MOT history of a vehicle? The easiest way is to get a FREE MOT check online, which will check the vehicle’s MOT history and reveal whether the car is roadworthy.

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