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I Can’t Afford My PCP Payments – Can I Cancel My Contract?

If you bought your car on PCP but your finances have gone awry, a Voluntary Termination might be an option worth considering.

How long do you leave your dashboard lights on?

We've looked into UK driver's perceptions of urgency in regards to dashboard warning lights and have discovered which lights we're most likely to ignore.

How the Colour of Your Car Affects its Value

If you plan on keeping your brightly coloured car for more than a couple of years, be aware that its value might not stay as bright as its paintwork!

The Future of Motoring
It's our 80th Anniversary and a lot has happened in motoring over the past 8 decades but let’s see what might be in store over the next 80 years!
Car Scams and Motor Fraud
Car scams and motor fraud are becoming more and more common. Take a look at the hard facts and find out how to stay safe and protected.
Cost of Car Clocking
Car clocking is a growing problem. Take a look at the hard facts and find out how buying a car with false mileage could affect you.