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Buying a pre-registered car

Pre-registered cars

Buying a pre-registered car

How would you like to buy a brand new car at a hefty saving – perhaps as much as 25 per cent off? Of course you would! And there needn’t be a catch – it just depends on how much you value being able to choose the exact spec and colour of your ‘new’ car. … Continued

What is a logbook loan

How to sell your car

If there’s one thing that’s often more stressful than buying a used car, it’s selling one. All those strangers turning up at your door, the negotiating, trying to get as much money as you can. No wonder so many sellers prefer to just trade in their car instead. But with a bit of legwork you … Continued

Announcing the launch of our brand NEW website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website, designed with a modern new look , user-friendly navigation and updated with the latest information about our service. After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch. It can be accessed on the same, and only URL … Continued

Tyre maintenance: the complete guide

  Expert advice on tyre maintenance  Depending on how your mind works, you might find the subject of rubber very exciting. Or you might not. In the context of car tyres, you’re highly unlikely to find it even remotely interesting, but death and destruction can be fascinating subjects, and where sub-standard tyres are concerned, carnage … Continued