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Don't Get Done Get Dom

Don't Get Done Get Dom

As the latest series of BBC One’s,  Don’t Get Done Get Dom hits  our TV screens this Spring, consumer expert Dominic Littlewood takes the mantel once again to  stand up for innocent consumers falling faul of wrong doers.

Foxy Lady Drivers Club


DVLA TACKLES MOTORING FRAUD The Driving Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DVLA) has the car taxation renewal process running online like clockwork and will soon be offering us affordable Direct Debit payment options. But a more major development for motorists is planned for October when they’ll stop issuing tax discs altogether. Clearly this will save taxpayers … Continued

HPI Launch Detector App

Breaking News: Launch of the HPI Lie Detector App

Introducing the  last technology – the HPI lie detector app. Have you ever wondered if the guy selling his car is actually telling the truth? Wouldn’t it be useful if there was an app that used voice metrics to analyse if a person was lying? Well now there is!