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HPI applauds renewed focus by government to close down legitimate clockers

HPI applauds renewed focus by government to close down legitimate clockers

And warns motorists of the wear and tear dangers of buying a ‘clocked’ car www.hpicheck.com Long standing campaigner against so-called ‘mileage correction firms’, HPI, is applauding today’s news that Business Minister, Anna Soubry, has pledged a law change to close the loophole that enables fraudsters to wind back the miles on a vehicle’s odemeter.    As many … Continued

first car

Buying your first car?

If you’re thinking about buying your first car, you’re completely overwhelmed at all the choices you can make. You might be torn between new or used, petrol or diesel, manual or auto, what bodystyle to go for – along with exactly which make and model to go for. Your budget will probably dictate what you … Continued

Car Sold

Dealing with car documentation after a sale

The DVLA recently introduced an electronic system for car log book documentation when buying or selling a used car in the UK. The electronic changeover began with driving license paper counterparts, quickly followed by the elimination of road tax discs. Now the V5C log book has gone the same way. In particular, the electronic system … Continued

Petrol or diesel?

It took a long time for diesel cars to become popular in the UK, sales increases coming about largely because of tax incentives for fleet drivers. Until recently the rise of diesel seemed unstoppable, then Volkswagen was caught being dishonest and suddenly petrol-engined cars are back in favour once more. If you’re confused as to … Continued

March registrations – bag a bargain

Brits love their cars and they love to show them off – especially if it’s a new one with the latest registration plate. It’s a tradition that stretches back to 1963, when the original ‘suffix’ plates were introduced. Ever since then we’ve had a ‘year identifier’ that marks out when a car was first registered. … Continued

insurance jargon explained

Insurance jargon explained

Drive a car and you have to have insurance to be legal, but understanding some of the terminology isn’t always easy. Before you buy an insurance policy it’s essential that you get to grips with what’s on offer; here’s how to decipher the code. Types of cover Legally, you need only Third Party insurance which … Continued