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How professional car inspections work

car inspection

How professional car inspections work

When you’re buying a used car there are all sorts of things that you need to take into account. Has it been crashed then poorly repaired? Is the suspension dangerously worn? Is the catalytic converter on its last legs? How much life is left in the battery? Even someone who has been buying and selling … Continued

car advert

How to write a car advert

Every year anywhere between six and eight million used cars change hands. At any one time there are hundreds of thousands of used cars for sale, so how do you make yours stand out from the rest? The key is to come up with an advert that lifts your car above all the others out … Continued

uninsured drivers

10 reasons why you could be driving uninsured

It’s a simple truth; drive a car without insurance and you’re breaking the law. Despite this, it’s reckoned there are more than 1 million uninsured drivers on our roads. They cost law-abiding motorists £400 million each year but only 150,000 or so are prosecuted annually. If you’re caught driving without insurance your car will be … Continued

Car finance options

Car finance options

There are all sorts of ways you can raise the funds to pay for a car, with some better than others. Here we’ll help you through the maze, but there’s one thing to remember above all else: it’s the final cost that matters. This will depend on: How much you borrow The monthly payments and … Continued

used car

Where will buyers find the real deal?

HPI warn drivers that money isn’t everything when buying a used car www.hpicarbuyersguide.co.uk Many used car buyers are tempted to buy from the place they feel is giving them the best financial deal, but the initial saving may end up costing a whole lot more down the line. HPI, provider of the HPI Check® is … Continued

How to test drive a used car

Sometimes when buying a used car it’s easy to be taken in by a seller who seems honest – or to glance at the shiny paint along with the immaculate interior and assume that the rest of the car must be just as good. But failing to take a test drive before buying a used … Continued