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Insuring a written-off car

written off car

Insuring a written-off car

If there are two things that seem to cause more confusion among car buyers and owners  than anything else, it’s how car insurance works along with how and why insurance companies write off cars. So when you combine the two, head scratching galore is guaranteed. First off, a quick refresher. To drive legally on public … Continued

keep licence clean

How to keep your driving licence clean

This week the newspapers have been giving plenty of coverage to the fact that next year, it’s likely that the penalty for using a mobile phone while driving will be doubled. Instead of notching up three points on your licence along with a £100 fine, you’ll instead get six points and your wallet will be … Continued

car insurance

Why is my car insurance so expensive?

We all hate having to pay insurance, whether it’s on our homes, pets or cars. The thing is, while it’s optional on most things, you get no choice when it comes to your car. And what’s worse, car insurance is never cheap – but why does it have to be quite so expensive? The simple … Continued

selling car

When is the best time to sell a car?

Running a car costs money and you can only minimise that cost, not eliminate it altogether. So far so obvious, but it’s amazing how many people spend far more on their transport than is necessary; indeed, overspending is the norm. One of the easiest ways of slashing your motoring costs is to pick the right … Continued

students driving

HPI helps put students in driving seat as they head off to university

As record numbers of students are offered university places for 2016, vehicle history check expert, HPI, is urging students who might be getting their first car to be thorough when doing their homework. Philip Nothard, consumer and retail specialist at HPI said: “For students who are embarking on an exciting new life in a new … Continued


How to buy the perfect sportscar

If we all bought our cars on a rational basis we’d end up driving a mid-sized family hatchback with a small engine. But for most of us the car we buy is dictated by our heart as much as our head – for many it’s more of an emotional purchase than it is a sensible … Continued