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Celebrating 80 years of cap-hpi!

Celebrating 80 years of cap-hpi!

This year is a big one for HPI, as the company is celebrating 80 years of being the go-to brand for used car buyers to check that potential purchase doesn’t have a hidden past. We’ve seen a lot of changes in that time, with data moving online, the amount of information contained in an HPI … Continued

What Are the Biggest Driver Distractions?

Driving requires a high level of concentration to stay safe, be aware of hazards and react accordingly. Yet a lot of drivers become distracted when behind the wheel, whether due to being in a rush on the morning commute and attempting to drink coffee or losing focus and letting their mind wander. Recently the law … Continued

Uber, Toyota Prius, values

The changing fortunes of the Toyota Prius

We’ve had a flurry of emails from people over recent weeks, asking about Toyota Prius values. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the marketplace right now, about whether values of this all-conquering hybrid family car will go up because of the current focus on air quality. Or will they go down because of the turmoil … Continued

New car prices increase

New Car Prices Rise 38% in Last Decade

Analysis by automotive data experts cap hpi has revealed the average price of a new car has risen 38% over the last decade. The average offered price of cars has increased from £24,383 in February 2008 to £33,559 in February 2018. The experts argue that while cars sold today are fitted with much more technology, … Continued