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Motorcycling: the 10 biggest hazards and how to deal with them

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Where is the Most Expensive City to Park in the UK?

Every car owner and dweller will know that finding suitable parking in the centre of any UK metropolis can be a nightmare, with the charges sometimes high enough to break the bank! Well, here at HPI Check, we’ve done some research into the UK cities with the most expensive bays and found an easy way … Continued

10 great first cars

Few purchases are as exciting as your first car, which provides a ticket to independence like you’ve never enjoyed before. Last year we published a guide on the key things to consider when buying your first car – once you’ve read and digested that, these are the models that should be on your shortlist.

autonomous cars

Autonomous cars – the latest

For decades, the idea of a car that could drive itself was the stuff of science fiction. As early as the 1930s US giant General Motors created a vision for a self-driving car. But in a world devoid of computers there was never any prospect of this becoming a reality; that early concept relied on … Continued