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Avoid Buying a Halloween Horror with an HPI Check


Avoid Buying a Halloween Horror with an HPI Check

With witching season upon us, we want to protect buyers from cars that may go bump in the night. Horror stories aren’t just for halloween, 1 in 3 cars checked by HPI uncovers a gory history. This shows that some sellers have more tricks than treats for unsuspecting buyers.

Reputational risk a clocking conundrum for dealers

HPI urges dealers to protect themselves from the risks Over 70% of dealers surveyed by HPI, the automotive technology solutions provider, are concerned about damaging their reputation by inadvertently selling on a clocked vehicle.   With 1 in 20 cars checked with HPI recorded as having a discrepant mileage, dealers are right to be fearful of … Continued

How aftermarket car warranty works

Nobody wants to be landed with a big repair bill if their car breaks down, but car ownership is rarely plain sailing and the occasional hefty invoice is pretty much guaranteed. After all, cars are complex machines and parts are bound to wear out or break from time to time. When this happens the sudden … Continued

How do Private Registration Plates work?

Personal Registrations According to the DVLA, around one in 10 cars on UK roads now wears a personal registration plate. When the registration A1 was issued in London at the end of 1903, Earl Russell queued all night outside the London County Council offices to secure it – so for well over a century there’s … Continued

What are ghost brokers?

Running a car tends to be expensive, so it’s no wonder drivers are always on the look out for ways to trim their costs. With insurance often one of the biggest overheads for car owners, it’s also one of the areas that’s potentially the easiest to save cash. There are lots of ways to cut … Continued