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Vehicle checks for peace of mind

vehicle check

Vehicle checks for peace of mind

Making a few simple vehicle checks before you buy that used car could save a lot of pain later… Cars are complex and usually worth a lot of money, so it’s easy to be daunted at the idea of buying one and being caught out big time. After all, the stakes are potentially very high. … Continued

summer car

Prepare your car for the summer getaway

In just a month or so the kids will be breaking up for the summer and all hell will break loose on the UK’s roads. The nation’s arteries will be clogged by cars loaded up with coolboxes and surfboards, while caravans and motorhomes will stretch into the distance as far as the eye can see. … Continued

car recall

4 out of 5 used car buyers don’t ask if the car they are about to buy is a manufacturer recall

HPI Safety Recall Check protects consumers against buying a car with a fault or default In recent months, nearly 4 million vehicles worldwide have been recalled, with both Nissan and Vauxhall recalling faulty models; in 2015, car manufacturers issued more recalls than ever before*.  However, a new survey from vehicle history check provider, HPI, reveals … Continued

learner insurance

How learner insurance works

When you’re learning to drive it’s essential that you get as much time behind the wheel as you can. You need to pack in those driving hours so you can experience as many scenarios as possible, so you know how to deal with them when you’re driving solo. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) … Continued

used car sale

Cheapest UK regions to buy a used car revealed

Big price variations for used vehicles across the UK are revealed in a new study from automotive data experts, cap hpi. The study shows that buyers could save over £1,600 on an Audi A1 by purchasing the vehicle in Nottingham rather than London. Commenting on the results, Philip Nothard, retail specialist at cap hpi said: “Many … Continued


How Personal Contract Plans (PCPs) work

There was a time when we’d buy our cars on hire purchase or with a loan, over a series of years, and once it was paid for we would probably start the process all over again. But nowadays, thanks to the rise of the Personal Contract Plan (PCP), we don’t even wait until we’ve paid … Continued