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Emissions standards explained

Emissions standards explained

Whenever you burn any type of fossil fuel, whether its coal, gas or oil, you create a cocktail of by-products that are released into the atmosphere. Up to a point mother nature can compensate, but with a global population of 7.5 billion, Earth is struggling to cope with the rate at which our precious resources … Continued


Diesel running costs set to rise

Unless you’ve been enjoying a long holiday on Pluto for the past few months it won’t have escaped your attention that diesel-engined cars are not flavour of the month. They’ve been singled out as pariahs for their part in poisoning our air, and is it any wonder when you see old buses and high-mileage (or … Continued

How to maximise the value of your car

Nobody wants to be taken to the cleaners when they sell their car, but how can you maximise the amount you get for your car when you sell it? It’ll come as no surprise that giving it a seriously good spruce up can make a big difference to its value – potentially hundreds of pounds! … Continued