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A car driven by a heavy smoker could easily lose up to £2,000 at trade-in

Hybrid cars explained

OK, here’s your starter for 10: what was the first hybrid car to go on sale in the UK? It was the Toyota Prius, wasn’t it? Of course it was; this was the car that all around the world went on to become synonymous with hybrid technology. Except the Prius wasn’t the first hybrid to … Continued

Britain’s Worst Drives

Everyone has their own driving dreads, whether it’s something that affects them on the daily commute or just worries they have when driving in an unknown area. Being caught by speed cameras, stuck behind cyclists and confusing one-way systems are just some of them. These aspects make up some of Britain’s worst drives, but at … Continued

Speeding fines explained

In April of this year the Government introduced a new set of guidelines for tackling speeding offences in England and Wales. This passed many people by, and of those who do know about the changes, many are confused by how the new system works. So here at hpi we’re going to spell it all out … Continued