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Don’t get caught out by outstanding finance warns HPI

Don’t get caught out by outstanding finance warns HPI

As Trading Standards take tougher action on dealers who fall foul www.hpicheck.com HPI is urging used car dealers to make vehicle history checks standard on all stock, regardless of the vehicle’s age, after a Trading Standards investigation led to a trader from Wales being successfully prosecuted for unwittingly selling on a car with outstanding finance … Continued

Supercars can make a super investment

The latest figures from cap reveal that the supercar market could offer a sound return on investment if buyers choose the right make and model. Overall, supercar and some sports car used values have remained level in a depreciating marketplace, but some vehicles are enjoying strong appreciation. Philip Nothard, cap consumer and retail editor, explains, … Continued

The 10 most common reasons for car crashes

Everyone likes to think they’re a good driver and that they’re not going to be involved in a crash. But according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), every year around three million people claim on their car insurance, sometimes for theft or vandalism, but usually because of some kind of collision. It doesn’t help … Continued

car insurance

Types of car insurance cover

  The problem with car insurance is that it’s full of jargon, but you need to get to grips with it if you’re to stay legal and get the best deal you can when buying cover for your car. One of the key things to consider with car insurance is what level of cover you … Continued

Classic cars

Should I buy a classic car?

The question is simple; should you buy a classic car, or not? But the answer (unsurprisingly) is far more complex. What constitutes a classic car? What will you be using it for? What’s your budget? Why are you considering one? Will this be your sole means of transport? For some people a classic car makes … Continued