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How to be a safer motorbike rider

How to be a safer motorbike rider

Summer is finally here and once again our roads are filling up with motorcyclists keen to make the most of the great weather. If you’re one of those motorcyclists you need to be seriously careful because according to government statistics, bikers make up 1% of the total traffic on UK roads, but account for over … Continued

Petrol or diesel?

Open a newspaper or surf the web for just a short time and the chances are you’ll come across a news story about how diesel cars are killing us all, thanks to their heavily toxic emissions. It’s so unfair. After all, we were coerced into buying diesel-powered cars thanks to their low CO2 emissions and … Continued

Essential motorbiking kit

Spring has sprung and its arrival means our roads are full of motorcyclists, keen to enjoy the warmer, drier weather now it’s here. But while riding a bike gives you a sense of freedom that your car-driving compatriots can only dream about, it comes at a cost. Bikers are much more vulnerable; even a minor … Continued

How to choose the right car

Superminis, city cars, hatchbacks, saloons, coupés and convertibles, all from a huge range of manufacturers. Petrols, diesels and hybrids, manual transmissions and autos. Just how do you home in on the car that’ll best fit your needs and budget when the choice is so overwhelming? The answer is to research any potential purchase thoroughly, and … Continued