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Car hire top tips for the summer

car hire

Car hire top tips for the summer

According to Auto Rental News, there are around 2.2 million cars available for hire in the US right now. That’s around the same number of new cars that are sold in the UK each year. The value of those rentals is $26 billion annually – and that’s just the US. Figures aren’t available for the … Continued

car finance

How to get a great deal on car finance

Interest rates have never been lower, but despite the affordability of borrowing money, some lenders still charge extortionate fees. They know that some consumers won’t put in the time and effort to look around, which is why they can get away with it. So while you can take out finance very cheaply to buy that … Continued

Car depreciation and residuals explained

How often have you heard it said that something is worth only what somebody is prepared to pay for it? It’s an undeniable fact and it’s true of anything whether it’s a painting, a piece of jewellery or a car. What underpins the value of something is the balance of supply and demand; if there’s … Continued

driving abroad tips

Driving abroad

The recent EU Referendum has got some drivers hot under the collar at the prospect of driving in Europe this summer, but it’s hard to see why. Some drivers are worried that somehow things are already changing for us, but nothing has changed as Britain is still a member of the EU. Besides, even when … Continued