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Vehicle Depreciation: Petrol or Diesel

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Vehicle Depreciation: Petrol or Diesel

With so many factors to consider, there’s no right or wrong answer when deciding whether to buy a petrol or diesel car.  Much will depend on your planned usage and whether the car meets your needs. Understanding how well a vehicle holds its value is an important factor for many car buyers, particularly in the … Continued

new driving test

The new driving test

On 4 December an overhauled driving test was introduced across the UK – and it was met with strikes by examiners who reckoned the changes were not a step in the right direction. Compared with the previous test, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) which oversees the test introduced four key changes:

Common Road Signs: How Much Do UK Drivers Know?

If you cast your mind back to when you were first learning to drive, you might have panicky memories of trying to frantically learn all the road signs to make sure you didn’t mess up on your test. If this sounds familiar, it’s also probably fair to say that as soon as you passed your … Continued