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Tougher MOT for Diesels Launches in May

New MOT Rules for Diesel cars, emissions, MOT Test

Tougher MOT for Diesels Launches in May

As poor air quality becomes an ever bigger problem in towns and cities across the UK, the government has launched a crack down on dirty diesel cars in a bid to improve things. From 20 May, a more stringent MOT test will make it much harder for poorly maintained or illegally modified diesel cars to … Continued

Spot car scam, Avoid car scam, Motor Fraud,

How to Spot and Avoid a Car Scam

Awareness is key to enjoying a stress-free used car buying experience. Use our guide below to spot any tell tale car scam signs and learn how to stay safe when buying a used car. If you’re armed with facts, buying a used car can be the joyful and satisfying experience that it should be. Common … Continued

MOT MOT Changes MOT Changes 2018

2018 MOT test changes

A tougher set of MOT test rules will be introduced on 20 May, making it harder for your car to get through the annual roadworthiness check. We’ll detail what those changes are below, but if you need to get up to speed on what the MOT is and how it works, our previous blog on … Continued

Car scams, motor fraud, spot a car scam

How to Stay Safe when Buying a Used Car

  HPI is here to make buying a used car less stressful, and we like to be positive, but we’re not going to lie: you really need to have your wits about you at purchase time, because there are lots of people out there intent on stitching you up. Every day we perform thousands of … Continued