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How vehicle recalls work

car recall

How vehicle recalls work

Cars are incredibly complicated things made up of thousands of parts that all rely on each other. It takes just one of those components to be poorly designed or manufactured and everything can be thrown out of kilter. Yet somehow, most cars roll out of the factory and give years of use without the need … Continued

car options

What car options should I choose?

New cars come with more personalisation options than ever; no longer is an extensive options list the preserve of the luxury car buyer. Buy a city car or supermini and you can still easily spend thousand of pounds on extra equipment – the question is, how far should you go? It would be easy to … Continued


Common V5C scams

Your car’s registration document, or V5C, is a summary of its details and history along with its owners. It’s a print-out of what information is held on your car at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The V5C is one of the most important documents when buying or selling a car, but it logs … Continued



Working in partnership with the SMMT to protect consumers against buying a car with a manufacturing fault or defect www.hpicheck.com/recall-check Vehicle history check expert, HPI, is helping used car buyers to make even safer purchase decisions with the launch of the HPI Recall Check.  Now consumers can find out if a vehicle they are looking … Continued

What is a logbook loan

What is a logbook loan?

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as of January 2016 the average household debt stood at £11,800. This figure includes student loans but excludes mortgages, and it means a lot of us are in the red instead of the black. Despite so many of us owing so much money (the ONS also reckons … Continued