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New insurance write-off categories on the way

New insurance write-off categories on the way

It’s always the same. Just when everyone has got used to something, along comes someone who just has to change things around so nobody knows what’s going on any more. The perfect example is the insurance write-off system; for years we’ve had category A, B, C and D write-offs, but that’s all set to end … Continued

How to check if your tyres are safe and legal

Uk motorists are pretty rubbish when it comes to doing their own simple checks to ensure their cars are in fine fettle. A few minutes spent each week can stave off big bills and potentially a big accident, but despite this we’re either too lazy or lacking in confidence to make the time.

What’s the coolest car for dads on the school run?

Automotive experts at hpi have revealed the Top five list of cars guaranteed to boost the ‘school gate cred’ of UK dads following a poll amongst its team of motoring editors. The poll comes ahead of Father’s Day (Sunday 18 June). James Dower, senior Black Book editor at hpi, said: “With Father’s Day this month … Continued

10 great used convertibles for the summer

We love our convertibles here in the UK and the good news is that no matter what your budget, you can buy something open-topped to enjoy the wind in your hair. With the summer now here it’s the perfect time to splash out on a soft-top to enjoy the warm weather. Whether you’ve got just … Continued

An introduction to electric cars

Once the car had been invented in 1885 by Karl Benz, it didn’t take long for a massive global industry to spring up, with thousands of tiny companies around the globe each building small numbers of cars. The thing is, while the internal combustion engine (ICE) was in its infancy at the turn of the … Continued

Consumers in driving seat with new look one-stop hpi website

Car buyers and sellers are gearing up to receive convenience and peace of mind all in one place from automotive data experts hpi, following the relaunch of its new look website www.hpi.co.uk The customer friendly website provides one destination for motorists to find a complete vehicle history check, get free valuations and has an instant … Continued