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A step by step guide to car auctions

HPI Check - Step by Step Guide to Car Auctions

A step by step guide to car auctions

Daytime TV has shown us the good deals on offer at auction houses and the bargains consumers can bag. Car auctions aren’t just for motor dealers; it’s a great place for private buyers to find their dream car at a reduced price. If you’ve never been to an auction don’t worry, we’ve put together a … Continued

Halloween Horror - HPI Blog

Don't buy a Halloween Horror

With witching season upon us, we want to protect buyers from cars that may go bump in the night. Horror stories aren’t just for halloween, 1 in 3 cars checked by HPI uncovers a gory history. This shows that some sellers have more tricks than treats for unsuspecting buyers.

The Clocks go back: Car Clocking

The clocks may have recently turned back as we settle into Autumn, but we want to warn trusting used car buyers to beware of fraudsters turning back the clock on a vehicle’s mileage.

HPI Man on phone whilst driving

Driving Distractions We're all Guilty of!

We’ve all been there, sneaking the odd text whilst driving or sipping a coffee at the wheel in the morning rush hour. What we don’t think of is the danger we are putting ourselves and other motorists in.