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10 great gadgets for your car

car gadgets

10 great gadgets for your car

  There was a time when the height of automotive sophistication was the fitment of a radio or heater. Then things moved on and if you didn’t have an in-car kettle or mechanical trip computer, you were a nobody. But nowadays, even the smallest cars are available with a bewildering array of high-tech gadgetry, from … Continued

It may be racy, but it’s also risky! Green cars the mostly likely to be stolen, clocked or written off

HPI data reveals green cars the mostly likely to be stolen, clocked or written off www.hpicheck.com According to new research by the vehicle history check expert, HPI, the colour car that most commonly hits its ‘at risk’ registers is green.  Used car buyers who conduct an HPI Check® on green cars are more frequently told … Continued

Motoring terms explained

Modern life is full of jargon which often serves only to confuse. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of used cars, where misunderstanding an acronym or technical term could land you with a whole heap of trouble. That’s why it’s so important to understand the terminology that’s bandied about. Here at HPI … Continued


hpi warns used car buyers to beware of water damaged vehicles hiding behind a temptingly low price tag www.hpicheck.com A staggering 237 thousand written off cars are uncovered every year by hpi, provider of the hpi check®, as being offered for sale by sellers who won’t always declare to buyers that they are insurance write-offs. … Continued