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How to Spot a False Mileage

Car clocking, false mileage, mileage discrepancy, MOT Histroy Check, MOT Check

How to Spot a False Mileage

Car clocking is on the increase and scammers are exploiting loopholes in the law to scam unwitting car buyers. Being vigilant and doing a few simple checks can save you from the headache of buying a car that’s had its mileage falsified. Buying a clocked car can have both financial and safety implications so awareness is … Continued

Diesel Car Scrappage Scheme, diesel cars, diesel car scrappage scheme, future of diesel

Diesel Car Scrappage Scheme Comparison

Those of you concerned about upcoming taxes and surcharges on diesel cars may be considering the diesel scrappage scheme as an option. There are various scrappage schemes available with eligibility and savings differing from one manufacturer to another. Our table below highlights some popular car scrappage deals currently available for both petrol and diesel cars. … Continued

Car clocking, false mileage, MOT History Check

The Cost of Car Clocking – Video Explainer

Car clocking is on the rise and it is estimated that clocking costs motorists £800 million a year! This video explains what car clocking is and how this can affect you. When buying a car it’s important to check for any indication of falsified mileage and getting a mileage check is a vital step before … Continued

Car clocking, false mileage, MoT History Check, mileage discrepancy

The True Cost of a Clocked Car

Car clocking (falsifying a car’s mileage to inflate its value) is a growing problem that not everyone is aware of. Below we share some shocking facts on the topic and explain how buying a clocked car could affect you. Our free MOT History check will show you the mileage recorded at every MOT test, allowing … Continued

Car clocking, false mileage, MOT History Check

Car Clocking Explained

There are all sorts of things that dictate a car’s value, but one of the biggest is how many miles it’s done. Most used car buyers assume that once a car has notched up much more than 70,000 miles it’s going to start getting expensive to run, with major items such as the suspension, exhaust … Continued

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Electric Car Facts & Stats

Electric cars are quite a hot topic right now, particularly since the government announced its ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol only cars by 2040. For those who want to do their bit to improve air quality, switching to an electric car is a perfectly feasible option once you know your your … Continued

The future of diesel cars, Why is everyone talking about diesel?, Will the future of diesel cars affect the value of my diesel car?, What is the diesel scrappage scheme?, Should I buy a diesel car?

The Future of Diesel Cars – Q&A

The future of diesel cars? Read the mainstream press and you could be forgiven for thinking that the future of diesel cars looks bleak. The problem is that some mainstream journalists don’t understand cars – the technology or the market – and as a result there’s a lot of misinformation around. Here we separate the … Continued

Electric cars pros and cons, EV, EVs, BEV, PHEV, HEV

Electric Car Pros & Cons

Electric cars are in the news a lot at the moment, largely because air quality has become such a hot topic. Conventionally powered vehicles (petrol and diesel) are one of the key sources of pollution in busy city centres, and one of the main advantages of electric cars is that you’ll be doing your bit … Continued

Electric Cars service and maintenance costs

Electric Car Service & Maintenance Costs

Are you wondering about the cost of an electric car service compared to diesel and petrol? Electric car service and maintenance costs are generally lower than for petrol and diesel. Below is a comparison for three models where there is a diesel and petrol version in the range. All are automatic models to keep the … Continued

Infographic - The Future of Diesel Cars, diesel vs petrol, diesel cars London, Diesel Cars, Diesel ban

The Future of Diesel – Diesel Facts & Stats

The future of diesel cars is a hot topic right now and there is a lot of worrying information flying around that doesn’t paint the brightest picture for diesels. With that said, we decided to pull together some interesting diesel facts and statistics that may well surprise you. Have diesel values been affected? Diesel vs … Continued

The Future of Diesel Cars Explained

The Future Of Diesel – Video Explainer

Poor air quality has become a huge topic of discussion lately and diesel is said to be one of the main sources of air pollution. Diesel engine vehicles have been targeted by governments around the globe as part of their action plan to clean things up. The UK government recently announced a ban on the … Continued

Euro Emission Standards Explained - Infographic

HPI Euro Emission Standards Checker

What is Euro 6? What are the Euro emissions standards? Euro emission standards describe the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in the EU. Below are the Euro emissions standards Euro 1 – 6 that have been introduced so far, Euro 6 emission standards being the most recent classification. The first date is the … Continued