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Diesel Car Scrappage Scheme Comparison

Those of you concerned about upcoming taxes and surcharges on diesel cars may be considering the diesel scrappage scheme as an option. There are various scrappage schemes available with eligibility and savings differing from one manufacturer to another. Our table below highlights some popular car scrappage deals currently available for both petrol and diesel cars. If you’re considering using a diesel scrappage scheme to trade in an older or less eco-friendly vehicle for a cleaner model you can use the table below to compare some of the deals currently on offer.

Please note: this comparison table is designed to give an ‘at a glance’ overview. Terms and conditions will vary depending on the manufacturer (too many to include here) full details of each scheme are available on the respective manufacturers’ websites.

Use our free hpi emissions checker below to check the Euro emissions standard of your car.

Disclaimer: This tool is intended for personal use as a guideline only. We rely on data sourced directly from our partners. However, we provide no warranty as to the accuracy of the information and accept no legal liability or responsibility for its accuracy. Older or more unusual vehicles may not be covered by this tool. If you have concerns about your vehicle’s emissions you should consult with the retailer or manufacturer for more information.