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Top 5 Driving Apps

We’re in the generation where our smart phones do more or less everything for us. Our obsession for technology has created some nifty apps which we use every day. Find out some of our favourite driving apps below that can help you save time, money and fuel.

1. Waze

This has said to be one of the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation apps. This driving app allows you to share traffic and road information in your local area. This is a time-saving app that works in real time and helps your daily commute or leisure travel. Available on iTunes  and Android

2. Glovebox

As the name may suggest, you can store important documents and general information. The Glovebox driving app logs your cars’ data, from MOT and insurance information to your VIN number. Glovebox doesn’t only just store your car’s data but also information relevant to you – ie: passport number. You are able to create lists and store photos. Available on iTunes

3. I’m On My Way 

An app that minimises risks that texting whilst driving my cause. I’m On my Way enables you to connect with people that you’re driving to meet. The interface creates a webpage with everyone’s estimated time of arrival and distance to the set destination. This driving app uses real time data – meaning there is no need to texting whilst you are driving. Available on iTunes  and Android

4. Cyclops

This is a professional and verified app that detects speed cameras to give you alerts and real time updates, whilst telling you the national speed of the road you are driving on. This ingenious driving app uses Waypoint Technology ™ to give highly accurate alert information on fixed, mobile, variable and average  speed camera, as well as red light cameras. Available on iTunes. Coming soon to Android

5. Drive gain

This clever little app helps you to save fuel whilst giving you audio visual feedback as you drive (just make sure you attach your clever smart phone to a mount on your dashboard or windscreen). Drive gain gives you a score out of 100 for how efficient your driving has been and gives you a reading for your fuel economy. Available on iTunes. Coming soon to Android

If you use any of these apps, get in touch with us. Or if you recommend a driving app(s) give us a tweet or comment below.

Happy driving.