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80 years of experience and expertise

In 1938 HPI® created the first car history check, we’ve provided car buyers with vital information about the car they’re looking to buy ever since.

HPI Check – the original vehicle history check

  • Comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date vehicle history data with a £30,000 data guarantee as standard
  • Your first line of defence against common motor scams, including: stolen, cloned, cut n shut, clocked cars
  • We check for previous accident damage, tell you if the car has been written off and the extent of the damage according to the insurer
  • Protection from buying a vehicle with outstanding debt such as logbook loans and car finance which stay with the car and can carry over to the new owner

What's included in your HPI Check Report

Is the car recorded as stolen on the police national computer? find out more
Are there any outstanding loans and finance agreements secured on the car? find out more
Has the car been in a serious accident and written off by an insurance company? find out more
We check the car's mileage – has the car been clocked?
*Provided where available find out more
What does the car’s MOT history look like? Did it pass/fail and why? What was the registered mileage?
*Provided where available find out more
4 market values including: trade-in, private sale, forecourt value and price at new. Additionally, we’ll tell you the car’s past and future values – you won’t find this information anywhere else.
*Provided where available find out more
How many previous owners are registered on the logbook? find out more
Are there any previous number plate changes on the car that might be hiding a murky past? find out more
Has the car been imported or exported? find out more
Is the car registered as scrapped with the DVLA? find out more
Does the logbook belong to the car you’re looking at? Is it genuine? Is it the most recent issue? There could be more than 200,000 stolen logbooks currently in circulation.
*V5 details must be provided find out more
We check for any issues that might be recorded against the ‘Vehicle Identification Number’ that might not be recorded against the number plate. find out more
We check if the Logbook and VIN numbers match so you can avoid buying a cloned car. find out more
Forecast fuel costs for comparison purposes. Costs are based on 12,000 miles annually.
We're extremely confident in the accuracy of our data so we back it with a guarantee of up to £30,000.
*Terms and conditions apply

…And much more – Up to 80 data points in total!

Why car checks are important

Did you know? Of the cars we check:

1 in 3 has a hidden issue

The car you’re looking to buy could be hiding a multitude of issues that aren't always obvious just by looking at it.

1 in 16 has a mileage discrepancy

If a car has a mileage discrepancy it means it could have been clocked and you could end up paying over the odds for a car that has more wear and tear than you'd have known otherwise.

1 in 5 has had a plate change

Plate changes can be legitimate but could also be an attempt to hide issues on a previous plate.

1 in 3 has an outstanding debt or finance agreement

Car finance and logbook loans stay with the vehicle so you could be buying someone else’s debt. If a debt isn't settled the finance company may repossess the vehicle meaning you could lose your car and the money you paid.

74 per day are identified as stolen

We check the Police National Computer to ensure the car isn't recorded as stolen. We also cross match your paperwork to check for clones.

1,771 are discovered to be write-offs on a daily basis

It's important you know if the car you’re buying was previously involved in an accident. We can tell you if it's been written off by an insurance company even if the seller won't.

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