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Car Registration & Number Plate Check

There are a couple of reasons why a car’s number plate could have been changed. Firstly, and innocently, many people change their plates to personalise their vehicle. However, there could be a more sinister reason for this, changing a car’s plates could also be an attempt to conceal the car’s past. Performing a reg check on a vehicle, can give you confidence and peace of mind about the history of the vehicle. It’s not uncommon for a car to have undergone a change of registration plate at some point in its history, but if the seller is aware of this then they should be upfront about it. If the seller withholds this information, then there may be reason to be suspicious – this is where a reg check can help. Even if the plate change is legitimate, a reg checker service can help you check if there are outstanding issues on the previous plates.

Reg Check Information from the DVLA

At HPI, our reg checker service provides car reg check information you can trust. We source our data directly from the DVLA database, so when you use our services, you can be sure you’re getting an up-to-date car registration check with accurate and reliable results. You can then use the results of the car reg check to verify any claims the seller has made and get a better understanding about why the car’s reg has been changed. If the reg check supports the seller’s claims, then you have a little more confidence in the information the seller is providing you with. However, any contradiction may show that the seller has something to hide, and you may decide to walk away from the sale. A car registration check can provide you with the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Car Registration Check with HPI

A car reg check is a key part of our HPI Check service. You can either purchase a full HPI Check, or a Multicheck (valid for three vehicles), both of these options include a number plate check. With 80 years’ experience and expertise under our belt, we can provide you with complete peace of mind and make sure you’re not hit with any nasty surprises later on.

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