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Stolen Car Check

Every year tens of thousands of vehicles are stolen across the UK, with many of these sold on to unknowing drivers. With so many stolen cars for sale on the second-hand market, it’s incredibly important that you undergo a stolen car check before buying any used vehicle.

If you buy a stolen car, even unwittingly, you will not have legal ownership of the vehicle meaning you’ll lose the car and the money you paid when it’s recovered by the police. This is why a stolen vehicle check is so important to do before buying any used car.

How to Find Out if a Car is Stolen

The easiest way to check if a car is stolen is with an HPI Check. At HPI we get our information from police records, specifically the Police National Computer (PNC). This allows us to identify stolen cars for sale and of interest to the police. We identify 109 cars per day as currently recorded stolen with the police.

Get an Instant HPI Check

As part of an instant HPI Check, whether or not the car is recorded as stolen will be included in the report, along with up to 80 other data points. Simply enter the registration plate and choose between a basic, HPI or Multicheck (checks three vehicles). Any one of these checks includes a stolen car check as standard.

Check if a car is stolen by getting an HPI Check on any vehicle you’re looking to purchase. Our stolen cars check, included as part of an HPI Check offers reliable and trustworthy results that can save you money in the long run.

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