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Logbook Check

If you’re looking to buy a used car, van or motorcycle, then it’s highly advisable that you conduct a car logbook check before you make the purchase.

A logbook check can flag up issues with the vehicle’s paperwork that could potentially point to it being stolen. There are hundreds of thousands of stolen logbooks currently in circulation, check a car with one of these and the logbook check will spot it.

V5C Check Online with HPI

A registration document check is a very easy way of ensuring that you get genuine documentation with your vehicle.

If the check reveals any adverse data about the used car you’re looking to buy then there could be serious issues with the car’s identity.

Unfortunately, if you buy a stolen vehicle, you could run into numerous problems. Even if you purchase the vehicle unknowingly, you could lose both the car and the money that you paid for it, which is why a car logbook check is so important before you buy.

Registration Document Check: Confirm the Legitimacy of Your Vehicle

A logbook check can provide you with greater confidence when you’re buying a used vehicle, as it can alert you to issues about the car’s history that may not be evident by just looking at it.

Our logbook checker service is a standard part of the HPI Check service we offer here at HPI. If you provide the relevant V5C details, then an HPI Check can reveal if there is anything that may cause concern. You can either buy a single check or a 3 car Multicheck to get an instant report. With 80 years’ experience and expertise, we can provide you with vital information about the vehicle you’re looking to purchase.

With up to 80 different data points, including our logbook checker service, you get ultimate peace of mind when you get a HPI Check.

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