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A Reliable Mileage Checker: UK-wide

At HPI, 1 in 11 vehicles we check has a mileage discrepancy and the last thing you’ll want is to buy a car that’s had its mileage tampered with. Having a thorough and reliable vehicle mileage check with HPI will flag any discrepancies in mileages recorded on the National Mileage Register (NMR).

With an HPI mileage check, you’ll find peace of mind in knowing that the used car you’re purchasing has no mileage issues, and if it does you can safely walk away.

The Importance of a Car Mileage Check

When you get a mileage history check from HPI. We identify any mileage discrepancies through both our own National Mileage Register and the car’s MOT history. Over time, a car’s mileage should increase, if it’s been clocked (the odometer has been tampered with) then a false mileage reading will appear to have decreased, often considerably so. Such circumstances would mean the car may have done more miles than it suggests and have more wear and tear. A vehicle’s mileage is also very closely linked to its value.

This wear and tear could also cause problems or mechanical issues later down the line, which could have safety implications, or lead to hefty repair bills. By checking your car mileage with HPI, you can ease that worry.

Get an Instant Mileage Check with HPI

As well as a reliable mileage checker, HPI’s car checks will check a variety of potential issues in a vehicle’s history. Our comprehensive, up-to-date vehicle history data will arm you with the important information you need to know about the car you’re looking to buy.

To get an instant car mileage check and learn about the history of the used car you’re interested in buying, enter the registration online now to find out more.

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