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Imported Car Check

A car import check will you if the vehicle you’re looking to purchase has ever been imported or is recorded as an exported vehicle.

An imported car check is an important check if you’re buying a used vehicle. This is because, if the vehicle has been imported, it can be difficult to trace its history back further than when it was first registered in the UK, which could be a problem. Likewise, if a car is recorded as exported, it shouldn’t be on sale, and you should not purchase it.

Making an Informed Buying Decision

Finding out that the car you’re looking to buy has been imported doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t purchase it, but based on the potential issues, you may want to reconsider.

It’s important that you make an informed buying decision when buying a used car, as there are a number of considerations. For example, imported cars are more expensive to insure and, if you need repairs, it can be harder to find replacement parts. This means that your maintenance costs might be higher over the vehicle’s lifetime.

On the other hand, any vehicle that has been recorded as exported should not be in the country. Not only does it raise several questions about the car’s identity and whether it has been stolen, but you will not be able to insure it.

Get an Instant HPI Check

Check whether a vehicle has been imported with an instant HPI Check. A car import check is included as part of this, along with up to 80 other data points. We provide you with a comprehensive and reliable vehicle history report with accurate and up-to-date information about the car’s history.

All you have to do is enter your registration plate, then choose between a basic check, HPI Check or Multicheck (which covers three vehicles). All these options include an imported car check as standard. An HPI check will give you ultimate peace of mind so you can buy your car with confidence.

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