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Car Write Off Check

A car write off check is vital when buying any second-hand vehicle to ensure it is safe to drive. There are four car write off categories:

  • Category A: Scrap.
    So badly damaged neither the car or its parts should reappear on the roads
  • Category B: Break.
    Extensive damage, the shell should be crushed but some parts are salvageable
  • Category S: Structurally damaged, repairable.
    Vehicle is repairable but costs will exceed its overall value
  • Category N: Non-structurally damaged, repairable.
    Significant repair costs but it can reappear on the roads.

A write off check will determine if the car you’re looking at has been recorded as a write off and if so, which of the 4 categories it falls into.

Is My Car a Write Off?

An insurance write off check will identify if any car has previously been written off. It is the insurance company that writes off a vehicle after an accident, often because the repair costs will far exceed what the car itself is worth, or if the damage is too severe.

If it has been classified as a category A or B in a vehicle write off check then the car isn’t safe and should be avoided completely. However, if the vehicle write off check identifies it as a category S or N (previously C and D) then going ahead with the purchase is legal but there could be large repair costs and underlying issues with the vehicle.

Check If a Car Has Been Written Off with an HPI Check

As part of every HPI Check we offer, a car write off check is included in the report. Using vehicle information from the MIAFTR database it will reliably check if a car has been previously written off. Take out an HPI Check on any car registered in the UK, today.

With over 80 years of experience and expertise, you can rely on the HPI Check to help you navigate what can sometimes be a used car minefield. Avoid buying a vehicle that is dangerous or in need of expensive repair costs. An HPI Check includes a write off check as standard and results are available instantly.

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