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VIN Check

If you’re looking to buy a used vehicle, then a VIN (vehicle identification number) check is just as important as a registration plate check. That’s why, as part of our HPI Check services, we cover both a reg check and a chassis number check.

The VIN is unique to the vehicle and, by searching it, you should be able to see if there are any problems recorded against it.

Checking that there are no issues linked to the VIN with a VIN check is extremely important. The check could flag an issue recorded against the VIN that may not be recorded against the vehicle registration number so it gives additional protection.

Also, if the VIN/Chassis numbers on the car do not match the one on the V5C/Logbook, it could indicate a significant issue, such as vehicle theft or what’s known as a ‘cut and shut’.

What Happens in a Chassis Number Check?

As part of every chassis number check, the VIN is checked against DVLA data, and cross referenced with the registration number on the logbook. When we do a VIN check these numbers should match.

Our VIN checks source data from the DVLA, finance and insurance companies and police records, to ensure we always provide up-to-date, accurate data about the vehicle so you’re armed with the facts.

If any issues are flagged in the report of a VIN plate check, then this is a warning sign that can indicate significant problems. If your VIN check flags this issue, then you’re advised not purchase the vehicle.

Why Use HPI as a VIN Checker?

A chassis number check with HPI can help to provide you with an accurate report showing the history of any vehicle you’re looking to buy, whether it’s a car, van or motorcycle. As long as it’s registered in the UK, we can perform a VIN check as part of our HPI Check service and provide you with up to 80 data points, so you can buy in confidence. Contact us for further information.

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