The HPI Guarantee

HPI Check Guarantee Overview

You are advised to consult the full HPI Guarantee Terms & Conditions for full details of the cover provided. This page is intented as an overview and may not be up-to-date with current terms.

Please take the time to read these carefully, and ensure you understand them, before you go ahead and purchase your vehicle.

At HPI, we work hard to ensure that the data we receive and manage is the best available but no data source is perfect. That’s why your HPI vehicle check includes the HPI Guarantee. Subject to the HPI Guarantee Terms & Conditions, the HPI Guarantee provides up to £30,000 (£15,000 for written off vehicles) reimbursement of financial loss you suffer arising from inaccurate or incomplete information we supply to you as part of the HPI Check. As you’d expect from HPI, the cover is the most comprehensive available today.

Here is a summary of the main conditions:

  • You need to carry out the HPI Check yourself, before you buy the vehicle – the Guarantee is not transferable.
  • You must supply us with the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to be eligible for maximum cover available under the HPI Guarantee. The HPI Guarantee will not apply if we advise you that the VRM does not match the VIN, so make sure the information you supply is accurate (pay particular attention to ‘5’s and ‘S’s, ‘2’s and ‘Z’s).
  • Before you buy the vehicle, you must make sure that all vehicle details provided by HPI match both the vehicle and its accompanying paperwork, and notify us of any discrepancies. As a minimum, you must obtain and check the V5 registration document with us, using our Document Check facility, prior to purchase.
  • You must check that all the VIN markings on the vehicle match each other and the corresponding V5 registration document.
  • You must keep and produce to us on request a written receipt for your purchase, signed by the seller, containing the key information needed to identify the seller and the vehicle (e.g. the seller’s name and address, the identity and mileage of the vehicle purchased, the date of purchase and the amount you paid).
  • If you are buying the vehicle privately, you must buy it from the keeper, at the address shown on the V5. You must also check the identity of the seller.
  • You must buy the vehicle in a reasonably prudent manner (for example – claims will not be considered if you have paid 30% below the retail market value).
  • The cover provided is based on the car’s value. In the case where HPI provides incorrect data affecting vehicle title (such as theft or outstanding finance), the HPI Guarantee will cover up to £30,000, either in compensation or the costs needed to obtain good title to the vehicle (at HPI’s discretion). In the case where HPI provides incorrect data affecting the vehicle’s condition, the HPI Guarantee will cover up to £15,000 or 50% of the market value of the car, whichever is the lower.
  • The HPI Guarantee does not cover the vehicle’s descriptive information (including import status), mileage, value, V5 registration document checks, or if the loss has arisen as a result of a fraudulent transaction.
  • The HPI Guarantee is valid for two years from the date of the check.
  • The vehicle must be bought and registered in mainland Britain (i.e. it excludes Northern Ireland). If it has been imported, HPI does not guarantee its history prior to arrival in this country.
  • If you make a claim under the HPI Guarantee, we reserve the right to inspect the vehicle and to make the final decision as to its condition and value.