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Should I buy a used diesel car?

Last week we gave you the inside track on buying a new diesel car; this week we’re turning our attention to the used car market, in which much greater numbers of transactions are made. Compared with the two million or so new car sales in the UK each year, around eight million used cars change … Continued

Should I buy a new diesel car?

Over the past few years, diesel’s reputation has been torn to shreds, resulting in a big drop in the sales of new diesel-engined cars. Some of this drop is because of the headlines and much of it is because of uncertainty about what will happen in the near future. So should you buy a new … Continued

driving while ill

The Dangers of Driving When Ill or Injured

With busy lives and important commitments, we often find ourselves powering through the day, even when we don’t feel 100% well. This means we are frequently performing routine tasks and procedures, when really we should be resting at home with our feet up. One such routine task is driving our car. As part of our … Continued

used car values

Cars that hold their value: part 2

We love number crunching here at HPI, and we especially love to see how different cars compare when it comes to running costs and depreciation. As we’ve written before, many buyers assume that rival cars cost much the same to run and that they lose value at much the same rate, but nothing could be … Continued

cars speeding, speed camera

Two-Thirds of UK Drivers Admit to Speeding: Are You One of Them?

The rules of the road are there for a good reason – to keep everyone safe on the UK’s highways: cars, pedestrians, cyclists and more. Many of the rules in the Highway Code are legal requirements too, so breaking them is a criminal offence. Yet, it’s not unusual for drivers to think it’s OK to … Continued

Road rage infographic

What makes drivers angry?

What gets Britain’s drivers angry? We carried out a survey to find out why they lose their rag, how this anger affects them and what they do about it.

What makes a good driver?

How to be a better driver

What makes a good driver? Is it mindset, skill or knowledge? What’s the two second rule? How well do you read the road?

Value of a Service History

The value of a service history

How important is the service history when it comes to buying or selling a car. How is the car’s value affected and what kind of service history should it have?