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Paris car ban lifted. Could London be next?

Paris car ban helps city cut pollution.

Last Monday, the French government imposed a car ban in the city of Paris. The sanction was placed in a bid to help rid the city of major air pollution. The black cloud of smog, was said to have been caused by the warm days, cool nights and little wind.
The ban meant drivers with odd and even vehicle registration plates were only allowed to drive in the city on alternate days. So Monday 17th March, saw only drivers with odd number registration plates driving their vehicles in the city, whereas other drivers (who were not permitted to drive) could use public transport for free.
Had this initiative not been a success, a second day ban would have commenced which would have meant on Tuesday 18th March; those with even numbered number plates would only have been allowed on the roads of Paris.
Whilst this controversial ban only lasted a day, it was deemed a success. France’s ecology minister Philippe Martin said ‘Bravo’ and ‘Thank-you’ to his Parisian citizens.
Although a car ban on a capital city may seem like a farfetched idea, is it something that the UK should adopt if our capital city sees pollution rise too high?
Happy driving!