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HPI launches Vehicle Monitor

Generating dealer leads by indicating when a customer is ready to sell their vehicle
Automotive technology solutions provider, HPI, is helping dealers generate more business leads with the launch of Vehicle Monitor. The new service allows dealers to track a vehicle, once it’s sold to a customer, producing alerts if it hits one of three trigger points, indicating that the vehicle may about to be sold.   This in turn enables Dealers to approach customers in a timely manner to either buy the vehicle back from the customer or look to sell them a new vehicle.

Vehicle Monitor is a three-part lead generation solution, with a three-part Database Management capability that can be configured by an individual dealer. Once a vehicle is sold to a consumer, the dealer puts the details into Vehicle Monitor. HPI then tracks that vehicle, looking for one of three triggers.
The triggers include relevant HPI Check activity, which could indicate that a dealer’s customer is looking to change vehicles. Using HPI’s keeper change knowledge, HPI can assess the average keeper change cycle by make, model and feedback to dealers before this trigger point. Finally, HPI can calculate the average financial settlement length based on the make and model of vehicle. This is overlaid with the vehicle information to provide dealers with a settlement point, allowing them to target these customers.
In addition to monitoring for all of these events, HPI also makes sure the keeper hasn’t changed, as well as checking whether the vehicle has been written-off or has been recorded as stolen. If any of these events are noted, the vehicle drops off the list of leads, ensuring dealers always get the best quality leads. By opting for the Database Management Notifications on Vehicle Monitor, dealers also save on costly service and MOT reminders for customers who are actually thinking of selling.
“Using Vehicle Monitor’s trigger points, dealers can approach customers at a point when they are most likely to buy, creating valuable business leads,” explains Neil Hodson, Managing Director for HPI. “In addition, by harnessing the power of the HPI database to weed out any vehicles with a keeper change, written-off or reported as stolen, dealers don’t waste resources on invalid leads. They gain more opportunities to market their vehicles and encourage repeat business from existing customers.
“Vehicle Monitor is the latest addition to HPI’s growing suite of services, designed to help dealers boost their bottom line by engaging with customers at the right time.”
August 2015
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