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Clocked Cars: The Dangers

Clocked cars, what does it mean for you?

The numbers are in! HPI have recorded that the number of clocked cars have risen by 3% in the UK.In 2013, we saw an increase in the number of vehicles on the road with a mileage discrepancy, possibly showing cars being clocked.
Clocked cars  rose by 3%  in 2013.  The number of mileage discrepancies reported by HPI can be due to a surge in the number of mileage correction firms now in the market. Clocked cars are becoming a growing problem in the UK and can be unsafe. Clocking a car refers to adjusting the mileage reading to make the vehicle worth more.
From 2013’s figures, HPI estimates there could be as many as 486,000* vehicles with a false mileages on the road in the UK. This is a worrying trend and buyers need to be more prudent when looking for their dream car.
Whilst clocking itself isn’t illegal, selling a clocked car without declaring its true mileage is. Any vehicle that has done more miles than the owner realises could have mechanisms that have been overly worked.
All HPI Checks are analysed against our National Mileage Register (NMR) – the largest independent database of vehicles mileages in the UK. Currently on the NMR there are approximately 160 million mileage readings – making it the most comprehensive protection against buying a clocked vehicle available.
Don’t get clocked by buying a clocked car, make sure you know the correct mileage.
Happy driving!


*Based on 7.15% of the total of 6,806,187 sold in 2013 being clocked