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8 Simple Pre MOT Checks

Is it time for your MOT? Here are 8 simple pre MOT checks you can do yourself to give your vehicle the best chance.
[dropcap]1[/dropcap]Fuel and Engine Oil
If you don’t have suitable amounts of fuel and engine oil you can be turned away from the MOT. Both fuel and engine oil are needed for to check the emissions level.

[dropcap]2[/dropcap] Headlights and Indicators

All of your vehicle’s lights, which include: headlamps, reversing lights, parking lights, brake lights, registration plate bulbs and indicators should all be in a good working condition. You can check this at home by turning all the lights on and walking around your car; get a friend or family member to check the parking lights, reversing lights and brake lights. These simple checks could save you on your MOT.

[dropcap]3[/dropcap] Number plates
It’s important that your number plate is readable. If it is unclear and not properly visible you can be marked down for this, so give it a quick wipe down. They should be clearly seen from 20m. It’s always good to check that they are still tightly fastened too.
[dropcap]4[/dropcap]Wheels and Tyres
Tyres are a focal point for testers when they carry out your MOT, check the tread and depth. This needs to be at least 1.6mm right the way around, you can use a 10p coin to test this too. It’s important you check  for cuts and lumps – this could lead to problems in the future.
[dropcap]5[/dropcap]Seats and Seatbelts
Seatbelts are incredibly important, give each seatbelt a tug to see its reaction, ideally it shouldn’t move freely (if you were in a crash the belt should keep you in your seat with minimal damage to yourself and others. Driver and passenger seats should be able to move back and forth with ease.
When driving it’s important to have a clear view all the time, therefore make sure your windscreen is free from dirt, marks, chips and cracks bigger than 1cm. It’s important nothing is obstructing the view out of the windscreen too, ie: large novelty items hanging from the rear view mirror.
Ensure wipers are manoeuvring properly and not leaving marks on the windscreen. Check the blades for any tears or holes as this will lead to an automatic fail.
[dropcap]8[/dropcap]Screen wash
Many motorists don’t realise how important it is to have screen wash topped up. An empty filter can lead to an MOT fail.
If you would like anymore advice or top tips on pre MOT Checks, get in touch with us.
Happy Driving!