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How to Barter a Bargain

If you’re in the market for a new car, the way you ask certain questions can make a real difference when clinching a good deal. We’ve put together a simple guide on how to barter a bargain.
The trick to  good negotiation is to make sure the private seller or dealer knows you’re a serious buyer without appearing desperate. Before you start searching online ads and the local dealerships, do some research on the marketplace, that way you can demonstrate your knowledge.
Top tips before visiting the seller:

  • Know the current market value.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Find out the history of the car – make sure it doesn’t have a dodgy past.

When it comes to bartering a bargain there are some things you should definitely not say. Find our top haggling tips below.
What NOT to say:

  • I really like this car
  • Have you sold many cars today?
  • What sort of discounts are people getting on cars at the moment?
  • Please can I have a discount?
  • Are you sure you can’t meet my budget?
  • Is that all that my old car is worth?
  • What will it cost if I pay in cash?

 What you SHOULD say:

  • I’m interested in this car, but I need more on my old car
  • Has this car been HPI Checked?
  • Has this car ever been in accident?
  • How much discount will you give me?
  • Can you meet my budget – if not, I can buy elsewhere?
  • I’ve seen a better deal at (mention a nearby competitor)
  • If we can agree on £xxxx then you have a deal

As usual we advise consumers to do all the usual checks when looking at the car and never hand over cash – always pay via card as this can be traced back to seller. If you would anymore information on how to barter a bargain, visit us at or tweet us @hpicheck.
Happy driving,