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Car Buyer's Guide: What you Need to Know

Whether it’s your first or fifth; buying a new car is always an exciting time. You spend a lot of time, effort and money into buying a used a car, so how to make sure you car is a good one, follow our car buyer’s guide.

Do your research 

Before you start searching for your dream car, you need to think where you will be driving it the most. Do you commute / travel a lot for work? Do you have children? Is it just for dashing to the shops? It’s important to find the right car for your passengers and lifestyle.

Car valuation

Once you have found the make / model of the car you want to buy, make sure you don’t pay over the odds for it by getting a professional valuation.

Buying from a garage   

Most people who are buying a newer second-hand car are more comfortable purchasing from a dealer or garage. Increasingly, manufacturers administer “Approved Used” schemes to make their used vehicles more attractive to buyers, however, you are likely to pay more for a vehicle from a car dealer compared with a private seller. No matter how attractive the asking price is, there is always room for negotiation and no shortage of choice in the used car market. You may well be able to find an equally good deal elsewhere, so don’t be hurried

Buying privately

There’s no shortage of used cars for sales when it comes to classified sites. The main benefit of buying privately is that the price is likely to be lower than a similar vehicle on a forecourt as there is no “middle man” to pay. It’s always good to talk to the current owner of the vehicle too. When visiting the seller it’s important to get as much information as possible such major accidents, when it was last serviced, MOT history. If the car you’re visiting is of some distance, it may be worthwhile getting an HPI Check done before you set off – to ensure there isn’t a hidden history and a wasted journey.

Get the history checked out

When looking to purchasing a second-hand car, its important to get as much information on the vehicle as possible. An HPI Check will investigate whether the car

  • Is currently recorded as stolen
  • Has any outstanding finance
  • Has previously been written off
  • Has mileage discrepancies

1 in 3 cars checked by us has a hidden history, so for peace of mind, get a vehicle history check


After you have done your research and been to see your dream car a few times, knowing there is nothing hidden in the history – you can sit back (in your new set of wheels) and enjoy the ride.
Happy driving!