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Employee Car Horror Stories from HPI

At HPI, we’ve had a few of our own horror stories when it comes to dodgy cars. We take a look at the people behind the HPI Check and their past experiences in buying without a vehicle history check – before working for HPI.
Sue Benson our key account manager bought her Ford Escort fresh of out university from a small motor trader without getting its history checked out. After bringing it home, she got her neighbour (who incidentally is a car mechanic) to check it out. The result was shocking, her Ford Escort turned out to be a cut ‘n’ shut. This meant Sue’s car was actually made up of the front and back of two different cars that were both insurance write-offs. Whilst they were both the same make and model of car, they had started life as two different cars only to be welded and resprayed to look like new. This is incredibly dangerous not to mention illegal!
Wendy Swaine, our head of major accounts purchased a car that was a former company car. Needless to say Wendy thought there was nothing to hide. However, she found out that the car had been in an accident and the company repaired the car without going through its insurance company.
Darren Greenyer our product guy drove his Audi TT into the side of a dustcart. After taking it to a VW Audi garage to be repaired, he was told that his car was actually a European import and a category D write-off. What a shock that was for Darren!
Buying a car can seem like a minefield, but with a vehicle history check all hidden horrors are uncovered. If you’ve got any car horror stories you’d like to share with us leave a comment below or tweet us @HPICheck. If you would like any advice on buying visit us at or call us on 0845 300 8905.
Happy driving,