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8 Future Classics for Under £10k

Renault TwizyTake a look at our list of vehicles which we think could prove to be future classics.

Motoring expert Clive Wilson identifies eight cars that are relatively cheap to acquire are holding their values and could potentially become future collectors’ items, representing a potentially good buy for people willing to invest.

Mr Wilson said: “There is no set formula for picking a future classic car that will prove to be an appreciating asset. However, certain factors prove to be reliable markers. In this study, we considered cars that are available in low volumes and a great drivers car. We also looked at cars that stand out with an unusual or quirky design. Our picks are all available for under £10k and could prove a savvy investment in the years to come.”

Here are eight possible contenders all for under £10k:

  • Renault Twizzy – As the popularity of electric vehicles is booming the quirky design of the Twizzy makes it stand out from the crowd. Produced in very low volumes, they are fun to drive. With the potential to become the first electric classic, they can be purchased for as little as £3500.
  • Renault Avantime – There are very few of these left now. They can be purchased for under £4k, however, expect to pay up to £10k for an excellent low mileage example, if you can find one.
  • Alfa Romeo Brera – A very modern looking car when produced and a design classic. The sweet sounding 3.2 V6 would be my pick, and there are already signs this model appreciates in value. They can be picked up for under £10k, but many are demanding much higher values now.
  • Peugeot RCZ – While there are still plenty of these around they have now ceased production so choose a low mileage example with good provenance while you can. It’s a good longer-term prospect, and the GT 200BHP version is the rarer model,  a low mileage example can be found for under £9k
  • VW Golf GTI/VR6 mk5 – The iconic hot hatch answered the demands from the customer following a heavy and disappointing mk4. A great drive and well-built so will withstand the tests of time. However, low mileage examples are becoming harder to find now so choose carefully as a collector will not want a modified car. Prices start at around £4k.
  • Porsche Boxster – They are the volume model for Porsche hence early examples can now be found for well under £10k. The condition is key with this car as there are plenty out there that have been well used.
  • Suzuki Jimny – The little SUV has a dedicated fan base. They are a very slow depreciator, and values can be quite seasonal depending on the time of year. Summer is the best time to take advantage of this seasonality as even if you get buyer’s remorse, you can be sure values will be higher when winter hits. Prices start at around £2k
  • Toyota MR2 – A reliable and fun convertible which have a good following.  If you look carefully, there are still some pristine low mileage examples out there, and it is these cars which are the potential investment. While examples can be found for as little as £2k, I would recommend spending at least double that to provide a better investment chance.

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