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Winter Car Maintenance: Don’t get caught out in the cold this winter

Winter is here and we are all starting to face the morning  ritual of scraping, de-icing and warming-up the car. These winter changes are not only tough on us, but also on our vehicles.
In the colder months, your car could face all types of threats such as frozen pipes, worn tyres and window wipers jamming because of the harsh conditions. Here are a few tips on how to keep your car running smoothly this winter.

They are much weaker in the cold; therefore make sure your battery is fully charged. Taking a few extra minutes to make sure all electrical connections are off will also help, ie: make sure nothing is still connected to your cigarette charger after you park-up.

Adding the correct ratio  of anti-freeze and  water (50/50) will ensure your engine and pipes won’t freeze and fail. It is also a good idea to get a pressure test carried out on your car’s cooling system to ensure there are no leaks in the radiator.

As there is reduced daylight in the winter, it is crucial that your lights are working properly and don’t impair the vision of other drivers. Taking your car to a garage to check the alignment would be advantageous.

They are incredibly important for winter safety. Be sure to check the tread whilst considering traction with snow and ice; ensure that each tyre has sufficient pressure. This will minimise skidding and certify grip.

Efficient wipers are imperative when the weather begins to change. They need to be fit to remove  snow, hail and rain from your screen. Good wipers enhance visibility and ensure your safety so make sure they aren’t lagging, shattering and squeaking. This goes for front and back wipers.
Another great winter car maintenance tip is to also keep a winter car survival kit in your vehicle for emergencies. This should contain:
Food (non-perishable biscuits)
Jump leads
A shovel
Phone + car charger

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With speculative reports predicting that winter 2014/15 will be harsher than normal, it’s worth making time  to check that your car is ready for winter. If you would like anymore advice on winter car maintenance, tweet us at @hpicheck or visit us at
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