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Benefits of the HPI Check

If you’re thinking of changing your set of wheels, the HPI check is a valuable tool to help you make the right decision. It will tell you the history of a car, in particular if it has outstanding finance, is stolen, written off or has an inconsistent mileage.

At HPI 1 in 3 cars we check has a hidden history.  If you buy a car with outstanding finance on it, you could be left to settle the unpaid bill or lose your car and the money you paid it as it may be repossessed by the rightful owner – the finance company! From the cars we check, over 70%  are on outstanding finance with the average amount totting up to as much as £9,500. Our infographic below shows the benefits of the HPI Check along with some interesting facts and statistics.
HPI Check Infographic
If you’re buying privately, ensure you view the vehicle at the keeper’s registered address, make sure this is the same address as shown on the V5C. The vehicle should always be accompanied by the vehicle’s V5C/logbook, a service history and MOT certificates if the vehicle is over 3 years old.
If you would like anymore information on the benefits of the HPI Check visit us at, call us on 0845 300 8905 or tweet us @hpicheck.
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